Pink Lady: Three Ways!

Today’s theme: Pink. With a capital P. We’re going classic fifties shapes and variations on a theme.

Here are three different looks with a touch of pink.

Take me for a spin...

Take me for a spin…

Lovely for something different on a night-out. Great for swing-dancing or just feeling like a big floof princess. The volume of the skirt is playful, balancing out the sexiness of the nude corset and lacy cami. Warning: takes commitment.

A night on the tiles.

A night on the tiles.

For a slightly less radical approach add a cardigan or coloured sheer shirt on top of the corset and swap the choker for a nylon neck scarf in matching tones. Bubblegum princess, we have lift-off.

Oh, Marilyn!

Oh, Marilyn!

Inspired by that picture of Marilyn Monroe. It’s sexy but understated. You don’t need much with this – just a bit of statement sparkle…

Classy and bold.

Classy and bold.

For those mid-week blues – add Pink! Demure enough for work, but still bold and fun. Classic cinched-in waist comes with the pencil skirt and an instant vintage vibe.


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