Dyslexia Awareness Week!


This week is Dyslexia Awareness Week! (…whoever came up with the word ‘dyslexia’ had a warped sense of humour). I know and love people with dyslexia and I know the struggle that it can often be. School is not always a happy place for children with dyslexia because of pressure to perform in certain ways.

But dyslexia is more than finding spelling difficult. Many people with dyslexia are incredibly creative and can see connections between things which others can’t. Dyslexia is not always the monster under the bed – if we learn to harness a different kind of potential in people, many artists, creatives, writers will be born and flourish.

Vicky Morris, (writer, facilitator), discusses and explores these issues in ‘Dyslexic and Loving Words‘, her 2014 documentary. Enjoy!


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