25 Autumn Pick-me-ups!

My favourite walk

  1. ‘Autumn days when the grass is jewelled’: Revisit your childhood with a song, maybe a hymn you used to sing in assembly or a lullaby.
  2. Don’t quote me on that: Find a quote of the day, or search by theme to get inspired. Try BrainyQuote or The Quotations Page.
  3. Death-day Party: Make like Nearly-Headless Nick and celebrate a death. Commemorate a friend, family member or hero via the medium of their favourite food. Look through photos, plant a fruit tree in their honour – get creative.
  4. Become a superhero: Buy a cape – what says autumn better than a cosy, cosy cape. Just don’t do a Madonna.
  5. This little piggy went to market: Go to a farmer’s market and sample some fresh produce.
  6. On the back burner: Make a glorious, rich, full-of-gravy stew. Devour with home-made bread… *drool*
  7. Ahoj!: Practise a skill – pick up a language you did in school, get a refresher in knitting from your nan – those cold winter nights are coming…
  8. Stick or twist: Play cards, learn a new game, bet with chocolate and win.
  9. Remember, remember: Doesn’t have to be 5th November, though. Release your inner pyromaniac and burn stuff.
  10. In disguise: Handmake a costume, or part of a costume for yourself or a mini-human. Get crafty, get covered in glitter – hands on is good for your head.
  11. Walk this way: Go for your favourite walk with your favourite people. Call in a country pub for lunch. Bliss!
  12. You’re forgiven, not forgotten: Write a forgiveness postcard to someone who has upset you, or even to yourself. Let go of something that you’ve been holding onto – you don’t have to send it!
  13. What’s your flavour?: Consume something that screams autumn. Mine is chai latte..
  14. Comfort music: Nostalgia feels good.
  15. Be a viking: Pillage a wardrobe, maybe your mother’s… don’t tell me she doesn’t have some 80s gems in there…Immortalise:
  16. Get a tattoo. Make your mark as the year draws to a close.
  17. Toasty: Have warm feet. Buy new fluffy socks, wear awesome, oversized slippers, get a foot massage. Circulation is everything, people.
  18. Are you sitting comfortably?: Write the story of your scars (not just the visible ones).
  19. Texture: Do a bark rubbing, or make a collage from fallen leaves.
  20. Feng shui: Redecorate in some small way, move a piece of furniture, hang that painting that’s been sitting around for months, clean your curtains…
  21. Jingle bells: Start Christmas shopping, don’t stress.
  22. Systematic airing: Get outside, perambulate, or don’t.
  23. Make way!: Clear out your kitchen of old crockery you never use and take it to the charity shop. Or, smash it up and use for draining when planting plants.
  24. Go all the way: Choose a book series and read it all the way through.
  25. Nest-le: Make a nest with lots of pillows and blankets, bring snacks, animals, wives, husbands, kids and nestle.

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