Panic at the Wardrobe!

Don’t look at getting dressed like an opening to the outside world on those days when the thought of unknown humans getting in your space makes you want to squirm on a galactic level. Get yourself to Narnia, love. Here’s how to take the panic out of the gaping gateway of your wardrobe:

  • Jump on it: Jumpsuits = one decision =simple!
  • Underneath it all: Wear your most fabulous, flattering underwear – instant confidence boost!
  • The long and short of it: Find a length of skirt/ cut of trouser that really suits you and stick with it – work it like a formula!
  • The one: Have a go-to outfit and with multiple versions/ colours of the components so that you always have a back up plan!
  • Step up: Start from the shoes up – crack on a statement boot to tie your outfit together, or use nude flats with difficult to match prints.
  • Icon: Try to channel one of your style icons for a week. Think about how they would accessorise an outfit – try out different signature pieces – high waisted pencil skirt, 80s polka dots…
  • Act on instinct: The first thing you choose is usually the right one. Don’t overthink it!
  • Block black: Go head to toe black, with a turtle neck, for a dramatic, uncomplicated look.
  • Matchmaker: Colour match to something around you – your nail varnish, for example. Work with what you already have on your body. Why not match your tones to your hair or eye colour…
  • Phone a friend: If you’re really in a panic, ask someone else’s advice and take the pressure off – they will be able to see you more objectively anyway!

Above all – don’t sweat it! One bad outfit won’t make you a bad person…


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