How to combat avoidance

Without further ado…

  1. Post it notes – everywhere, all the time.
  2. Do it with someone – make yourself accountable.
  3. Snap it – take photos of the end-goal of whatever it is you’re avoiding.
  4. Rope in your mother – they will nag you into submission.
  5. Alert! – Set 1000078963 alarms and reminders on your phone. Difficult to ignore.
  6. Stick – Set a consequence or forfeit for yourself to spur yourself on.
  7. Carrot – Plan a reward for afterwards. Like cheesecake.
  8. Share the load – Let someone know you are stressing about it – it automatically gets smaller.
  9. Take note – have a specific notebook that tracks your avoidance triggers and successes!
  10. Accept – Be present – allow yourself to be perturbed by something. Listen to your internal monologue and learn what you are experiencing e.g. ‘my stomach is churning, I feel sick, but I am ok, I am still breathing.’
  11. Limber up – body language mirrors your intentions.
  12. Make a pros and cons list – evaluate the situation.
  13. Part and parcel – break the task down into its component parts and ask for help with any individual steps that are daunting.
  14. Be lame! – choose some inspirational quotes, like ‘You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce’ (Disclaimer: you actually do not because you still have to clean your house and go to the supermarket).
  15. Practice – start a ritual that feels natural, like rubbing a necklace you wear every day, crack your knuckles, roll your shoulders, massage your palms, touch a tattoo…


Get on with it!


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