How to forgive yourself

You are the most important person in your life, no matter the situation, so here’s a look at how to get past imperfect moments.


  • No superwoman – Acknowledge that you cannot do everything! You have a finite amount of time and energy. Get used to it.


  • Call it as you see it – When people blame you for something unfairly, speak up! And remember, if you wouldn’t accept it from someone else, don’t accept it from yourself!


  • Letter of forgiveness – This can be as simple as a lipstick message on your mirror, saying ‘I forgive you’ or as complicated as 20 page list of previous misdemeanors you are trying to move on from.


  • Examine the impact – Think, does what I did when I was 10 affect me or others now? What about that slip of the tongue last week? Probably not…


  • Forward motion – Remember that you cannot change the past, ever. You can let go of that guilt, now…


So, there you have it – a quick top 5 tips for forgiving yourself. Be kind!


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