Life in the slow lane: How to take a break

Winter holidays are at hand; don’t struggle with yourself – you deserve to take this break! Try not to fall prey to those niggling nasties – guilt, hindsight and anticipation… Here are a few activities and strategies to play with this festive season.


  • Presence – Be present in conversations and truly converse, allocate a window of time to dedicate to eating and savouring your food! Try looking out of the window and do just that – see where your mind can take you.
  • Oh, calendar, on the wall, who is the most productive of all? – Well, it will be you! Don’t let yourself get carried away by lie-ins and sleep away all that precious time. Make plans (including scheduled sleep!) and you will fulfill your relaxation potential. Potentially…
  • The old ways are the best – Go back to traditions that make you feel bright and shiny. Listen to festive songs, burn down advent candles, eat that dessert that just screams HOLIDAYS.
  • New wave – Or, make your own new tradition, like burning herbs to refresh the energy in your house. Or, adopt one – I love the idea of this Icelandic tradition where everyone exchanges books on Christmas Eve and reads…
  • Reflection – Look back on the year that’s gone. Re-read love letters, choose your favourite 5 photos, find some inspiring news stories to bring cheer to your home.


Also try blocking social media/ work emails to really get away from the rest of the world. Don’t let other people’s expectations of Christmas/ Hanukkah or whatever get in the way of your peace and celebration!

As always – you’re in charge – own it!


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