Take it from me…

I love how a slight change of perspective can make a big difference in your life’s trajectory. Having had wonderful, powerful mentors has meant allowed me to learn how I want to live my life and to have the resilience to move towards those goals. A piece of well-timed advice can crack the whip, it can put the wind in your sails or cut a tether that you might not have even noticed snagged on your ankle.

Here are some of my favourite pieces of advice that I go back to again and again:


  • My cousin says: enjoy that moment when your favourite song comes on shuffle, relish walking through crunchy leaves… Focus on the little things and the big things aren’t so scary.


  • Dad knows best: Remember no-one is superior to you, but, more importantly, no-one is inferior to you either.


  • Mum’s the word: A girl should always have flowers in her life.


  • According to Vicky: My writing mentor and wonderful friend taught me that you shouldn’t get stuck in narratives about yourself; be open to growth. (See my post of schemas/ life traps for more on this)



If you won’t take it from me, take it from them!




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