How to sweeten the deal: A Valentine’s special

If you are of the opinion that Valentine’s is only good for chocolate and shades of pink then good. Me, too.

Here are some sugar-tastic ways to celebrate! Give Mama some sugar…

  • BeyHive: Obviously you start with her Majesty and listen to Suga Mama and doing that pole routine whether you have a pole or not.


  • Scrub that: Make a lipscrub with brown sugar and olive oil… Or buy a fancy one from Lush.


  • Go on a date: Try something sweet and sticky and delicious! On a recent sojourn to Edinburgh I tried Date syrup with porridge. It was a glorious hangover cure.


  • All in a name: Look at all the names of your lipsticks, or maybe make up a few… this and paint names are brilliant. My favourite is ‘In Love With Ginger’ by Rimmel.


  • Candy: Candyman on repeat. Yes, please. Beautiful outfits, women and men. And that brass section.


  • Fiery mistress: Crystallise or chocolate coat some root ginger… Yowza!


  • Hello, ladies…: Make Galentine’s cupcakes for your gals!


  • Holy Cupcake!: Channel your inner cupcake and dress in a sickening array of pastels. Makes me feel sweet as hell.


Or, see my post on Masturdating – the science, the art and ride solo.


Translation: Get your biscuit wet in my milk!


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