How to choose your Pin-Up name

pinupbabeAs an admirer of several pin-up models, I’m interested in their “stage” names and where they come from. A name is a powerful thing and something we can all have control over, should we wish to. Yes, we are born to a name, and sometimes that suits us just fine, but not always. Maybe, then, you are feeling disillusioned with your name and the shit-tonne of baggage that comes with it. Maybe you have simply become ‘mum’ or ‘babe’. I’ve always wanted to be called ‘Kitty’ but have never made it a thing. Maybe I should…

If you want a professional’s opinion, check out Miss Victory Violet’s post on Choosing Your Pinup Name. But for giggles, have a gander below:


To choose your title, see your eye colour:
Blue: Miss
Green: Vixen
Brown: Siren
Grey: Atomic
Hazel: Lady
Then take the first letter of your first name:
A: Alice
B: Honey
C: Ginger
D: Rosalie
E: Candy
F: Lucille
G: Lily
H: Marilyn
I: Liberty
J: Cherie
K: Kitty
L: Elsie
M: Jessie
N: Trixie
O: Mona
P: Pearl
Q: Queenie
R: Bunny
S: Scarlett
T: Lola
U: Rose
V: Peaches
W: Bella
X: Casandra
Y: Ysabel
Z: Delilah
For your last name, see your birth month:
January: Love
February: Victory
March: May
April: Lou
May: Belle
June: Tart
July: Divine
August: Darling
September: Angel
October: Blossom
November: Noire
December: Dollface


Other ways to get inspired for your pin-up name could include:

  • Your grandma’s name or a combination of their middle names
  • A diminutive version of your name, like Kitty or Lou.
  • A colour that inspires you, maybe  mixed with a flower, for example: ‘Bluebelle’
  • Flowers, flowers and more flowers
  • Think alliteration – Lily Lou or Siren Scarlett…
  • Think of your particular style of beauty – if you are a luscious lady of colour, speak up proudly, if you are a blooming English rose, make it known! If you are tall, you rock! If you are short, bang on! Gorgeous girls, everywhere! Your name should only say, ‘I am me!’


Have fun!

Adoringly yours,

Miss Kitty May!



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