You live in a cloud: How not to fall off

IMG_1037 (1)


When the good times are rolling, it can feel impossible to maintain, especially if you suffer from a mental illness that comes around time and again. This post was inspired by a prompt in ‘642 Tiny Things To Write About’ – ‘You live in a cloud. Give three tips for how not to fall off’.


  • Hey, you, off my cloud!: Don’t let people on your cloud that might unbalance it or make it grey. Maybe what your cloud needs is a dress-code…


  • Hot air balloon: Don’t get weighed down by ‘stuff’. Keep your flame rising and your airship will hit the stratosphere. ‘Stuff’ won’t help you rise or be what people remember you by… a multitude of multicoloured balloons, however, may well come in handy. It worked in Up, right?


  • Eco-warrior: Be independent in your own eco-system, but don’t forget you can (and should) cloud-collab and get mingling in other peoples’ worlds (with their permission, of course).


Just remember, it doesn’t rain forever.


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