Scrapbook yourself

Get down and lovely with yourself. Make your commitment to yourself via a big, juicy scrapbook of yourself.


Make yourself a portfolio of collages, pictures, words, memories. Get your hands dirty with it. Peel the glue off your fingers and stain  your clothes with newspaper ink in your act of creation. Photocopy pages from books that inspire you. Steal your mother’s scent to spray a page dedicated to her. Write love-letters to yourself and affix a lipstick stamp. Print selfie after selfie. Be silly. Be serious. Be sad and be hopeful. Let every page shout out your best you. Maybe when you are making it you are hurt and you feel like your worst you. Your best you is always there. Cover a page with your signature, your lip-print, your hand-print. Put in a four-leaf clover or two. Write your own manifesto. Write your future. Remember, reminisce, retreat and rejoin the world. Wrap it up in colours. Label it with your intentions. Write about your heroes and heroines. Find out treasures. Tape in recipes that make you nostalgic for your grandma. Photocopy pages from magazines/ newspapers and make found poetry out of them. Write out lyrics that are significant to where you’re at – and where you’d like to be. Make mood-boards. Press flowers and sprigs of rosemary – make it sensual in every way. Spritz it with your own most luxurious scent. Dedicate a page to your achievements – you are all your own work! Claim your proudest moments. Take stills from iconic films and annotate with the characters’ qualities you’d like to emulate. Write at length how you will achieve them. Write your own 101 Goals in 1001 Days list, make it beautiful and then do it. Get postcards or prints of your favourite artworks and incorporate them into your own collage. Write reams and reams of things you need from your lover – be detailed. Write lists of the things you deserve. Make it a statement of intent, of everything about you – past, present and future. Be honestly optimistic. It’s all about you, babe!



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